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How Bloggers Make Money

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There are many ways to make money through a blog and most of the bloggers listed above have perfected monetization techniques that suit their particular niche. Most bloggers don’t use all methods since not all methods will work for every blog.


Methods of Monetization

1) Banner Advertisement
This is the oldest and most popular method of advertising and can be done privately or through sites likeCommission Junction. These sites allow you to place ads on your blog on behalf of other advertisers who pay you for clicks and sales.
2) Cost per Impression Advertising (CPM)
This method is most suitable for sites that receive lots of traffic and earnings are made, on average, per 1,000 impressions (page views) rather than clicks. Visit Adtegrity for CPM Advertising
3) Affiliate Commissions
This allows site owners to make sales on behalf of product owners while earning commissions on completed sales. Usually no upfront sales pitch is required to make a sale and the product owners handle the processing of transactions through their own system. Commission Junction and Amazon Associates offer great affiliate programs.
4) Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Google Adsense offers a very easy method of incorporating pay-per-click ads on websites


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