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how to convert blogger to wordpress orlive jonural and viceverse

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 if you are planning to come to Blogger from Wordpress or Movable Type (to get the additional benefit of better indexing by Google), then it has become a lot easier now - You'll get the direct help of Blogger Team.
And in case you are thinking of leaving Blogger and want to transfer all the posts and comments to any other blogging platform like Wordpress etc., even then you have the support from Blogger.

This service comes shortly after the previous gift of Import/Export feature from blogger(Then go to Settings section
Now click "Export Blog", then click on "Download Blog". Downloading time depends on the number of posts and comments.

That's it. Now you can upload this file by a similar process to any new or old blog, while uploading you have to click on "Import Blog" in the settings section of the new blog, instead of "Export Blog", and upload that previously downloaded file. And finally you'll have all your blog content shifted to a new blog.). And actually this blog converter feature completely depends on that previous one.
The project is an open source project (project owner-Jleuck), with complete prospects of further advancements in it.
From the Blogger Open Source blog:

Blogger To WordPress
WordPress To Blogger
LiveJournal To Blogger
Google Code
Google Blog


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